Thatching in Wiltshire

At Fowler’s, we are all about family. Steve Fowler, a proud owner, has been thatching for over 40 years and his two sons, Neil and Ben, joined in 2002 and 2007, working alongside him ever since. Wiltshire has a rich tradition of thatched roofing, and many historic buildings that showcase this beautiful craftsmanship. As local Master Thatchers, we understand the specific requirements and procedures unique to a Wiltshire property. Our expertise ensures that each project respects architectural heritage while providing modern sustainability and aesthetics.

Expert Thatching Services

A thatched roof is a great investment, and as master thatchers in Wiltshire, we are committed to creating a thatched roof you will be proud of. Our vast portfolio is a testament to our skill and dedication, tackling jobs from small cottages to larger country homes with the highest standards.

Quality and Craftmanship

A good, well-loved thatched roof should last a generation, and it is of value to our business and to your happiness that we guarantee a long-lasting, beautiful product that will stand the test of time. Using only the highest quality materials, our team is thorough and faithful to the craft from our first meeting with you to the initial preparation and groundwork, right up to the beginning of fixing the new thatch until full completion. Regular maintenance and repairs by our team can further extend the life of your thatched roof.

See What We Can Do For You

For the best thatched roofs made by Wiltshire’s premier master thatchers, look no further than Fowler and Sons. If you are interested in a thatched roof or need your roof re-thatching and would like to know more, have general questions on maintenance, or wish to receive a quote, please feel free to contact us via telephone, email, or our contact form. We will gladly discuss our passion further.


roof thatching
roof thatching

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