Why thatching?

Thatch is a natural product composed of reeds, grass, or heathers which are cut, dried, and thatched to form a waterproof roof. Thatching is a craft, and the materials can vary tremendously depending on your thatching specification. Some of its benefits are that it:

• Does not absorb a lot of water
• Adds to the aesthetic value of properties
• Insulates the building in both warm and cold weather

Buildings that can be thatched

Generally, any roof can be thatched, but roofs with more than a 45-degree slope are preferred because they shed water fast. A roof with a lower pitch will not shed water as fast, so will not have the same lifespan.

Our Services

Design and build

Thatching has a rich history in Gloucestershire, with traditional thatched roofs adorning many historic buildings in the area. We offer a comprehensive design and build service to enhance properties with a thatched porch or summerhouse, making us the preferred master thatchers in Gloucestershire.

We also advise on all aspects of roof thatching because we have a wealth of experience thatching and repairing all types of properties, many of which have Listed Building status.

Emergency repairs and Re-thatching

As experienced thatchers, we can undertake all forms of emergency repairs to your thatched roof should it develop a leak. We are highly capable and experienced and we are able to tackle roofs of varying complexity and size.

Timber work

We provide all sorts of carpentry work, including:

• Hardwood and laminate floors
• Velux windows
• Replacing defective locks or hinges
• Van fit out – ply lining/ shelving

roof thatching
roof thatching


We provide surveys for prospective property purchasers and reports for insurance purposes. Why not discuss with our team the process of returning your property to its original thatched beauty?

We are happy to discuss and offer quotations for your thatched roof with no charge or obligation.


The ridge is important for keeping the upper part of a thatched roof waterproof and should be replaced every 12-15 years. We offer pattern work that incorporates hazel or steel. We also re-ridge existing thatched roofs.

We offer:

• Butts up ridging
• Wrap over ridging

We do fine finishings such as:

• Block finish
• Flush finish

Insurance work

As a trusted thatching company, we undertake all forms of insurance work to repair a damaged or unsafe thatched roof. As master thatchers in Gloucestershire, we undertake our projects with due diligence and maximum care, just for you. You can trust us with your work, and we will deliver as promised.

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