Size of roof

The size of the roof to be thatched will of course have an effect on the cost of the job, due to the need for more or less materials, depending.

Access to the site

If the site is easily accessibly then this won’t be a problem, however the thatch cost will change if costs are incurred for us to access the site.

Height to eaves

The height to get to the eaves where the thatch will take place may change the cost if labour is effected by the height.

Shape and design of roof

As the shape and design of the roof changes, so will the amount of materials needed and therefore the overall cost of the thatch.

Access to roof

Again, any extra labour needed to gain access to the roof may affect the cost of the job.

Types of features

You may choose to have extra or optional features included with your thatch, which will fluctuate total cost.

Height to ridge

The height from eave to ridge varies from building to building and hence the material needed to complete the job will vary accordingly.

Type of material to be used

Since we can provide thatching in various different materials, the cost of the thatch will depend on the quality of material used.

Complexity of features

If you choose to have additional features, the cost will be effected depending of the complexity of these features.

Existing thatch condition

If an existing thatch exists, cost may depend on whether this thatch can be salvaged and/or we need to remove it first.

Existing roof timber

As with previous thatch, the condition of the existing roof timber may effect cost, depending on whether it needs treatment before-hand.

Additional Costs and Quotations

It is not always possible to determine roof timber conditions or existing roof conditions when quoting. It may therefore become apparent that additional costs do occur. In the event of it happening we will always discuss these costs prior to any walk not originally quoted for being carried out.

A possible additional cost could be the delay between the receipt of your quotation and your written acceptance being received by ourselves. If sufficient time elapses, another quotation will be required.


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